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Monahon tribute Saturday in Peterborough

Rick and Duffy Monahon, who were long time members of our tennis club, died tragically in automobile accident last Sunday. To our fellow members who knew the Monahon's we would like to pass on the following information that was posted in the Ledger-Transcript.

The family of Rick and Duffy Monahon is inviting the community to a gathering in honor of the Peterborough couple on Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Town House.

All are invited to bring photos and stories to share. A slide show will be shown and a large bulletin board will include photos.

The family is planning a memorial service in May — Rick and Duffy's birthday month. 

Second Annual April Foolin' Around Party

                       Karen Moorman, Lisa Foley and Jan Ciccone - the "Ladies in Charge"

Our Second Annual April Foolin' Around Party was held at the club on March 30th. Lots of wacky tennis played by members dressed in their wackiest costumes. Scrumptious food was shared and entertaining conversations were shared with lots of laughs thrown in. And loud cheering from the balconies didn't appear to faze the mixed doubles play on the courts.

Our hearty thanks to the ladies in charge - Lisa Foley and her two cohorts, Karen Moorman and Jan Ciccone.  Calle Walton served as the official time keeper and Gary Moorman the honorary committee helper. (Just what duties did you have, Gary? Besides dressing up with the gang???)

Patrick Foley was awarded the prize for the wackiest outfit while Mary Lesser garnered the prize for her "chaste" costume.

Votes were taken, too, to see who performed the top techniques on court.

John McCullough won for best serve, Tom Judd for best lob and Ted Petro for best poach.

Ladies who won are Lisa Foley for best serve, Tina Burgess for best lob and Jan Ciccone for best poach. Congrats to everyone!

World Team Tennis Comes to MITC

Sunday,January 15th, found many MITC members engaged in team tennis "a la WTT".

Mike Young, "Grand Master" and organizer of the event, divided players into 4 different teams: "Deuce Bags", "Fine Young Can-O-Balls", "Dare Doubles" and "Venomous Volleyers". There were 4 women and 2 men of varying play ratings and abilities on each  team for doubles and mixed doubles matches.

"Fierce" competition ensued. At the least, it was a good deal of "entertaining" competitive play with lots of laughs and loud cheering from the balconies. And very tasty snacks and refreshments were shared.

Look for a repeat of this unique format of play. (Coaches were allowed on court for advice, challenges could be made and the most difficult rule of all to remember: play let cord serves)

"Let's do this again soon!" was a refrain heard many times by participants.

"WOW" Day at MITC

March 5th, 2011, was a "WOW Day" at MITC!

"WHOPPING -- OUTSTANDING -- WILY" and spirited play

highlighted the MITC Winter Finals Jamboree Saturday

Eleven matches were played showcasing as many as 5 third set tie breakers (determining the winning third set and the match) and 3 of the set tie breaks. Can't get much more competitive than that...

Participants and fans shared festive food and refreshments all the  day long.

Here are the results:  "Congrats" to the winners and "Thanks" to all for playing.

Note: 77 MITC members played in  126 matches in the round robin tournament with 36 finalists (actually 28 different players, as some played in multiple final matches). Outstanding participation and excitement!

Mixed Doubles 4.0

John McCullough/Betsey Winiecki def Jon Frank/Kay Sherman        6-3, 6-1

Mixed Doubles 3.5

Stephanie Hurley/Barry Echavarria vs  Maureen Petro/Jeff Drake  Retired

Men's Doubles 4.0

Don Burgess/John McCullough def Clinton Burgess/Ed Surprenant  6-3, 5-7, 10-8 tie breaker     

Men's Doubles 3.5

Rick Monahon/Cam Walton def Dick Loudon/Barry Echavarria       2-6, 6-2, 10-8 tie breaker

Women's Doubles 4.0

Linda Greenwood/Kay Sherman def Lisa Foley/Tracey Bean                        6-0, 6-4           

Women's Doubles 3.5

Barb Zullo/Maureen Petro def Sandy Harrington/Rosemary Wolpe 6-4, 6-7, 10-7 tie breaker

Women's Doubles 2.5

Martha Dunn/Elizabeth Morison def Chris McCullough/Holly McTague 4-6, 6-3, 10-8 tie breaker


Men's Singles 4.0

Don Burgess def John McCullough                                                     6-3, 0-6, 13-11 tie breaker

Men's Singles 3.5

John McGurty def Bruce Bowron                                                       6-2, 7-6

Women's Singles 4.0

Tracey Bean def Nadia MacStay                                                        7-6, 6-1

Women's Singles 2.5

Tina Burgess def Elizabeth Morison                                                   6-1, 6-1







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