We are happy to introduce our new MITC website!

The goals for redesigning the club website are twofold. First, we wanted a more resourceful, efficient and enjoyable way to keep current members informed of club news, events, and reminders. Secondly, we needed a more dynamic marketing tool to help non-members learn about MITC as well as to keep the public up to date on events and initiatives we plan within the community and to showcase why MITC is the hub of activity that it is.

Our hope is that this new website will create a new and exciting space through which we can connect as a club. As you move around the new site, please be sure to notice some key features:

  • Current news and information updated on a regular basis
  • Current social event and tournament information updated on a regular basis
  • A members only section once you login
  • A member search feature
  • The ability to create and update your own player profile with your photo
  • A club photo gallery where pics from events can be shared with everyone
  • News feed featuring the latest on pro tour and your favorite pro players
  • Video tennis tip of the day
  • Helpful tennis links
  • Quotes and testimonials from club members
  • Member poll to find out more about what you think
  • ... and more!

Our hope is that members will use this new website in much the way they use the bulletin boards at the club - checking in to find out about what's going on, reading up on tournament news or looking for new play opportunities. But unlike a physical bulletin board, our new site can be updated daily and can hold MUCH more information allowing us to communicate more efficiently and effectively. We have tried very hard to make it easy for you to navigate through the new features.

But since the new MITC site has only recently been launched, we anticipate a few bugs here and there. We will all need a little time to get used to a new system. Please let us know if you encounter a problem so we can make sure it is resolved for other users. Stay tuned as well for future news and updates about the site as we get everything up and running.

Lots of good stuff coming so do keep in touch!

Please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions.


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