“Did you hear about that rookie men’s team out of MITC??...they beat the Algonquin team that went undefeated the entire 2013 season!”  That’s right – we picked up the 3-2 victory on Saturday over a very tough team.  What an outstanding way to kick off our inaugural season. Thanks to all the MITC members that cheered on the team, special thanks to our sister club in Keene for loaning us a couple of players.  We greatly appreciate the support!  

#1 Singles: David Delworth (MITC) defeated Andrew Day 6-0, 6-0
#2 Singles: Chris Hardin (Algonquin) defeated Clint Burgess 6-4, 6-2
#1 Doubles: Mark Fernald & John McCullough (MITC) defeated Larry Barnes & Dave Hall 6-4, 6-3
#2 Doubles: Mike Blanchette & Hunter Burgess (MITC) defeated Colin Stone & Kiran Humagai 6-4, 6-2
#3 Doubles: Bruce Leibig & Jeffrey Siegel (Algonquin) defeated Bob Whitehouse & Dan Gillard 6-0, 6-4


The Dollars for SCHOLARS  program is  hosting a fund raising Tennis Tournament in Peterborough this September 6-8. Many of our own club members are assisting in the organizing of this event, which benefits students in the Conval community. You can find more information about this program at http://www.cvcsf.org/ and you can download the registration form usign the following link http://www.cvcsf.org/sites/default/files/TournamentBrochure.pdf

Congratulations to our 3.5 ladies team! They advanced through sectionals and will be headed to districts the first weekend in August.

Way to go and good luck in August!

Front: Elizabeth Morrison, Karin Finlay, Annie Card and Emily Manns
Back: Tina O'Rourke, Sarah Hamilton, Lisa Foley, Lisa Bass, Sara Spittel, Betsy Gordon and Linda Greenwood
Missing from photo is Tina Burgess.


Spring Tournament Results

Men's Doubles 9.0 Players

Clinton Burgess / Hunter Burgess     Defeated  Don Burgess / Mike Blanchette 6-3,4-6,6-3

Men's Doubles 8.0 Players

John McCullough / Charlie Werth (Sub) Defeated Patrick Foley / Iain Walton 3-6,6-2,10-5

Men's Doubles 7.0 Players

Pavel Pazourek (Sub) / Ed Surprenant   Defeated Donnell Moore / Jed Donelan 6-4,6-2

Mixed Doubles 8.0 Players***

Sandra Harrington / John McCullough Defeated  Don Burgess / Karin Finlay 6-4,6-4

Mixed Doubles 7.0 Players

Ginny Kemp / Jon Frank       Defeated  Andrew Morison / Elizabeth Morison    2-6, 6-4, 10-5

Women's Doubles 8.0 Players

Karin Finlay / Sandra Harrington       Defeated Kay Sherman / Tina Burgess    7-6,6-4                      

Women's Doubles 7.0 Players

 Elizabeth Morison / Ginny Kemp  Defeated Lisa Bass / Laurie Crider-Roina  2-6, 7-6, 12-10

Women's Doubles 6.0 Players

Maureen Petro (Sub) / Holly McTague   Defeated Emily Manns / Martha Dunn

Boys & Girls U12 Doubles

Henry Winiecki / Sigmund Winiecki (sub)     Defeated Taylor Burgess(sub) / Aiden Mann 9-3

Boys & Girls U16 Singles

Sigmund Winiecki           Defeated    Taylor Burgess  9-3


*** Three-Peat Champions

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