MITC Battle of the Sexes

Billie Jean King
Thanks to all who put so much fun into the Battle of the Sexes social on 1/19/2018. What a night!   Our own Bobby Riggs (Tedd Petro) and Billy Jean King (Tami Vezina) were as much fun to watch and were as equally good sports as the original superstars. Tedd showed classic form battling Tami for a best of 5 game match. Tami, confident that she could beat Tedd, with a broken hand - did just that, 3-0. Good points and good humor prevailed. 
In the follow-up exhibition match Sandy "Tanya Harding" Harrington and Tracey "Smack-talking" Bean weren't just pretty faces, they came to win (as their t-shirts proclaimed) - and they did, 3-1 vs Charlie Werth and Ed Suprenant. The men who talked Retro, played Retro with wooden racquets and played pretty well, despite never being able to find the sweet spot! However, they were darn good sports about the last minute tennis racquet surprise switcheroo and won the hearts of the crowd for being such good and gracious losers. 
Production credit and big thanks to the extensive cast of characters: 
Tedd Petro - who put the show back in chauvinism and provided not only a big Sugar Daddy and roses to his opponent - but lots of laughs to all there. 
Maureen Petro - who enthusiastically endorsed the event and who put Tedd up to playing his part - and who recruited and costumed Teddy's Team, and provided props and posters too. Impressive! 
Teddy's Team: Karen Moormon, Janet Reilly, Annemarie Pieterese and Nadia MacStay. (See pix.)
Tami Vezina - as sweet as ever, and for whatever reason gave Tedd a very sweet & innocent-looking stuffed pig. And ... held up her half of the sky for all womankind. 
Tami's cheerleaders: Annette Taylor, Kristin Garland, Kit Henry, Barb Summers, Lisa Teixeira, Glo Morrison, Cher Barker and about 50+ other people there. 
Jack Ellerkamp - who fortunately still has clothes from the 70's in his closet, looked great channeling Howard Kozell while interviewing the contestants. 
Charlie Werth - who not only knows how to lose graciously (he didn't want to get kicked off the women's doubles team) - but - he also custom built the rickshaw Tami was carried in on! Amazing!
Ed Suprenant and Alex Dorchies - who did the "heavy lifting" when Charlie was nowhere to be found. (Luckily, Tami "Little Bird" Vezina weighs less than Ed's sneakers.) 
Steve Hahn and Bill Goodwin - Tami's security detail/escorts. A particular thanks to all 4 men for keeping their shirts on. 
Alex and Joy Dorchies who helped Cher Barker assemble and decorate the rickshaw!
Ben Conant who took pix and covered the event for the local paper. 
Linda Greenwood - who took more pix. 
Glo "Billy Jean's Not My Lover" Morrison - for providing the 70's music.
Gary Moormon and Sue Graff for providing sound equipment.
Dr. Michael and Betsy Gordon for providing appropriate eye wear for Tedd and Tami. 
Lisa Foley and Tracey Bean who pitched in where the ailing John McCullough left off picking teams for the fun Mixed Doubles teams that went on the courts after the exhibition matches. 
Holly McTague - who watched my dumplings burn, and... 
EVERYONE who brought such good food, drink and humor to the evening! (Sorry if I have left anyone off the list.) 
Special huge thanks to CHER "Hostess with the Mostess" BARKER who helped with the planning and who got props and decorated and cleaned up and who provided a still small voice of calm whenever needed. 
With appreciation and affection, 
Your cruise co-director -  and Tami's hairdresser -  if only for the evening, 

Mary Lou "It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time" O'Neil

Additional Junior Clinic Classes Available

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Annual Social 2017

Monadnock Indoor Tennis Club/Annual Potluck Dinner Social

Celebrating 50 Years of Tennis and Friendships

WHAT:  Potluck Dinner/Dance -Bring a dish to share and please have it plated and ready to serve with utensils. See below for food assignments. 

WHERE: Monadnock Room at Hilltop Golf Course, 49 High Street, Peterborough

WHEN: Saturday, December 2, 2017   

  • Cocktails and Appetizers 6-7:15PM
  • Dinner 7:30 PM
  • Dancing until 10:00 PM

WHO: You and all Founding members, Current and Former members.

HELP: While we are doing our best to invite all of these folks, we need your help to reach those who are no longer playing and the many who are not on our email list. 

*We need a head count, so if you DO invite someone, be sure to tell them to RSVP with what they are bringing and how many people are coming. It's important that all guests know that this is a potluck dinner, not a catered affair. 

Please RSVP by November 20th to Annie Card at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 or sign up at the club on the bulletin board or online

Sorry, no BYOB this year since our host's liquor license makes it illegal for guests to bring their own alcohol. No exceptions on this please. Soft drinks, seltzer, beer and wine will be for sale at the bar.



A-F: Appetizers 

G-L:  Main Dish 

M-R: Salad or side dish 

S-Z:  Dessert


*If you have any photos of MITC from over the years, please share and we'll see about putting a slideshow or display together for the evening. Email digital photos to Annie Card at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave photos at the club on the fridge and Annie will photograph them and get them back to you quickly.

Fun Fall Tennis Clinics

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